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Step 1: Initial Consultation

Qty-1, 60 to 90-minute session

All consultation packages begin with a comprehensive look into your health history, current symptoms, food strategies and health goals. This investigation helps us begin to understand the root causes of your health imbalances and helps us decide what the appropriate course of action will be for you moving forward. We will discuss what dietary and lifestyle improvements you should consider. Before this session, clients will complete an in-depth health history questionnaire, a comprehensive symptoms questionnaire and a 3-day food journal and we will review each one in detail during the session. We will discuss if lab testing is appropriate and decide on what the appropriate action will be to help attain your health goals.  Should we decide to move forward a purchase of a package (and testing) is the next step.

Step 2: Foundational Core Sessions

Qty-6, 30 to 60-minute sessions

Based on the Initial Consultation we will develop a protocol, implement dietary and lifestyle changes to help propel you into reaching your goals.  In these continuation one-on-one sessions I will help you prioritize what steps to take to get healthier.  This is also the time we will do any additional testing and modifications to the protocol if we need to.  Will also include supplement recommendations. The package of 6 gives us time to make long term changes! 

Step 3: Maintenence Sessions

Qty-6, 30-minute sessions

Following the completion of the Foundational Core sessions it is often beneficial to do periodic check-ins to ensure you continue on the right path to your optimal wellness and/or address any new concerns that may arise.   As we will have already established a deep understanding of you  state of health, these session durations can be reduced.  

or Step 3: Maintenence Session (individual)

Qty 1, 30-minute session

My goal is to lead you to long-term success which is why I recommend the packaged sessions but every now and then you may want a session to have me review current blood work, discuss a new issue or make sure you are on the correct path, this is what that single session can be used for. 

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